Since 1980’s, Mr. Thanwerdas D. Punjabi initiated Kayteestar for his beloved wife Mrs. Kamla Thanwerdas in Sierra Leone - West Africa.  The pharmaceutical industry -  Kayteestar worked initially for the Imports of Consumer goods & Pharmaceuticals as Importer and wholesaler. It has a primary goal to deliver Quality Pharmaceutical & Medicine at affordable prices for all.

Mr. T. D. Punjabi's Motto: “ALWAYS, BEST, EFFICIENT, EFFIECTIVE RESULTS", Medicine for all.


With a focussed mission and commitment to serve humanity with affordable medical care to humanity, they also aimed to deliver the most effective and quality medicines. Kayteestar was a successful initiative that imported approximately 300-400 products in sizeable volumes from reputed manufacturers covering a huge segment of brands and categories of medicine. The products that were delivered and distributed has a clear aim to provide low-priced benefit to the people of Sierra Leone, by keeping a low margin for the company, making Kayteestar one of the leading pharmaceutical Importer in Sierra Leone.


With the bulk collection of quality medicine, and an experienced team, guided by Mr. T. D. Punjabi, his son Mr. Prem Punjabi expanded and ventured into the industry well in the surrounding country of Liberia, with the name of “ABEER Pharmaceuticals.” The good and bulk orders have resulted in economical Volume Imports, making the mission more beneficial for both, and helping them to serve the nation’s vast population with Low cost, good quality, and an affordable, wide spectrum of medicines. The pace of Imports has raised drastically to a range of more than 600 pharmaceutical products covering the latest techniques, molecules, and pharmaceutical solutions being introduced for quick recovery of ailments.